The parable of the bricklayers is an authentic story with various versions. One day in 1671, Christopher Wren, the world’s most famous architect, observed three bricklayers on a scaffold working very hard and fast. Christopher Wren asked them, “What are you doing?” to which the bricklayer, responded, “I’m working hard laying bricks to feed my family.” The second bricklayer responded, “I’m building a church.” And the third said, “I am building the house of God.”

All the many variations of this story tells of three people working on the same wall, doing the same work but with different perspectives. Are you able to see the end result and how your work contributes to that end? Pride in what you are doing will show up in your work and motivation. Employees who are highly connected to the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals are happier, more enjoyable, and more productive employees.Villa st Francis residents

Fundamentally, we view our experiences at Villa St Francis as a mutual commitment and respect for the residents we serve and for each other. The ministry includes providing person-centered services to meet the contemporary needs of aging individuals and their families. Our Felician Core Values are:

  • Respect for Human Dignity
    Solidarity with Those in Need
    Justice and Peace

For the first bricklayer, building the wall was a job. For the second bricklayer, it was an occupation or career. For the third bricklayer, it was a calling. How do you see your work? It’s not that some occupations are necessarily jobs and others are careers and still others are callings. Instead, what matters is whether the person doing the work believes that laying down the next brick is simply what has to be done, or instead, something that will lead to further personal success, or, finally, work that connects the individual to something far greater than the self. This means that you can go from job to career to calling all without changing your occupation. Whatever you do, look at how it connects to others, the larger impact, and how it can be an expression of your values.

In your search, please consider Villa St Francis, a Felician Sponsored Ministry. We are passionately committed to making the lives of our residents enriched and meaningful. Visit to apply.