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Villa St Francis Senior Community Offering Exergaming to Residents with Dementia

Villa St Francis Senior Assisted Living & Memory Care, Milwaukee, WI. Recently installed technology focusing on human interaction.  The digital activity table is an interactive projection system that employs state-of-the-art technology to track body movement and gestures.  Projected onto a table and activated by hand movements, the revolutionary table creates a world of play that’s therapeutic and fun.

Villa St Francis Milwaukee


“Our goal is to create fun experiences that reach beyond play to enrich the lives of our residents. We believe that with the thoughtful use of technology we can engage those suffering from dementia.  The games are designed to stimulate, activate and provide happiness for all of those involved in the caregiving process. The revolutionary software can also create your own games or add personal pictures to existing games to spark memories and create connections.”  Said Sue Seegert, President and CEO of Villa St Francis.

The thoughtful use of technology based on scientific research is to create games that are beneficial to residents as well as caregivers and family members.  The human experience has been shown to be very effective based on research compilations.

Through projection and sound, exergaming creates a relaxing environment that promotes fun, activity, and cognitive stimulation. Whether it be games that enhance eye-hand coordination, the recollection of memories via pictures, or gaming with group participation, we strive to improve the quality of life for our residents.  By immersing our residents in this virtual environment, we promote mental, physical, and social stimulation so that they can fully experience the joy and wonder of being alive.

Villa St Francis is a community-based residence which carries on the 150-year tradition of the Felician Sisters, within a friendly, caring and faith-centered environment, quality assisted living, memory care and respite care are provided for seniors following the Felician Core Values for Ministry.  Our Core Values; Respect for Human Dignity, Compassion, Transformation, Solidarity with the Poor, Justice and Peace.

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