Rodney Humpal, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Are you caring for a parent or loved one? To find joy in the life of your loved ones, first assess their daily activities. You will gain a better understanding of how these activities shape their overall mental health and well-being. In the face of our mental health challenges and pandemic, there are steps we can take to improve the daily lives of our loved ones. The principle is to do more enjoyable things and one will feel less depressed.

Examples include; meeting with friends and family, listening to music, laughing together, going to church, singing and reminiscing.

As a faith-based facility, Villa St. Francis considers spirituality as part of the care plan because it is of particular importance in the lives of many older adults at the end of life. While the role of spirituality may differ among older adults, spirituality may offer a purpose and meaning toward the end of life and provides a framework for managing concerns and decisions at this time. Despite the increasingly evident role of spirituality, the spirituality of older adults has been neglected. A study done on perceptions of spirituality and spiritual care among older nursing home residents at the end of life reported on several interventions that nurses could use to support spirituality, including arranging visits with religious personnel, showing kindness, spending time listening to residents (presence), and showing respect for resident’s needs (Wallace and Shea, 2007).

The Associated Press reports that the vast majority of Americans (88%) want to stay in their own home. Receiving care at their own home is the preferred option for 76%. The top worry on senior Americans’ minds when asked is losing their independence. Denying these “wants” to those who once cared for us is heart-breaking. Pivoting points are safety, health concerns and their well-being. Your journey to peace of mind will take time, patience and understanding. Just like dealing with your 15-year old’s stubborn attitude, you work through their 80-year old stubbornness.

JAMA Network presented in February 2022 that aging satisfaction has been linked with better physical health, health behaviors, psychological well-being and social outcomes.

With a pathway to life worth living, a senior community setting offers loving companionships. An assisted living or memory care community creates an environment where life revolves around close and continuing contact. You and your loved one may be skeptical at first, but I suggest talking to other residents when touring communities. By providing a meaningful and enlivened setting, your loved one will experience a daily life with variety and spontaneity, creating companionship, self-sufficiency and a sense of joy. And safety and peace of mind for you.

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