I do admit that as I write this, it is November 10, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, it was sunny as can be and the temperature hovered around 70 degrees.

Maybe a bit early for that quote, song, and musical, however, this is the time of year when we are privileged to put an extra emphasis behind the Values we live at Villa St. Francis.

Let me explain.

A warm blanket gently rolls over a senior living facility in the months of November and December. Perhaps it is the anticipation of time off with family and friends that we endear. It is more than that.  At Villa St. Francis, I firmly believe the feeling most of us are engulfed with is the saturation of the Holy Spirit.

For those of you who are in a place of pain, anguish, or otherwise suffering, we empathize with you. Here at Villa St. Francis, we are Compassionate and we strive to help you. We travel beyond empathy and show our compassion in how we listen to you, care for you, and serve you. We feel your suffering in our hearts and suffer with you. We become part of your pain and suffering, but more importantly an antidote for that.

For those in need, we stand in Solidarity with you. Our Solidarity goes beyond our words, we show our solidarity in feeding you, clothing you, and bringing His word to you. We collect as a group and transfer our resources to you. We pray together with you because you are not alone. We stand in Solidarity with you.

We do not lose appreciation for you, but we continue to Respect you. Though life throws you a curveball, we know in our hearts that our lives are diagrammed differently. We respect you and show this through a gentle smile, a soft touch, and a listening ear. We are with you.

While under the kingdom of God, the word judgement does not exist. Yet on our journey through our lives on earth, not all receive fair treatment. Many live a life of turmoil that is not caused by themselves but by an outside human force that projects an unfair circumstance on you. We stand with you and advocate for you because under the kingdom of God, there only exists peace. We project Justice and Peace by challenging norms that cause chaos, enduring hardships with you and living a life in Him and through Him.

Lastly, just as the wine and bread transform to the body and blood of Christ, so does our spirit continue to transform to be more like Him. We understand yours and my spiritual Transformation is never-ending. We recognize everyone’s transformational path is nonlinear, so we show our understanding in how we listen to you, encourage you, and pray for you. No transformational action is too small are too large, but we recognize our bodies and minds continue to move closer to Him. Through Him, we understand that pain is not always predeterminant for growth. Regardless, we are with you through it all.

While we strive to live our values day in and day out, we, at times, will stray from it. The Christmas season is a warm reminder to allow us to reapproach and show you how we live our values.

Perhaps it is the most wonderful time of the year.


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