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Change can be scary, especially when it means moving into a new home. Leaving the comfort of the familiar, even if the reason is a positive one, usually includes some anxiety. This may be especially so for an adult moving to a senior apartment Milwaukee or an assisted living facility. When elderly loved ones make the choice of a senior community and want to move, they can still begin to feel unsure the closer it gets to moving day.

However, once the transition is complete, most residents wonder why they waited so long! To help your mom adjust to a change in her living situation, here are a few things of which to remind her.

Lonely No More
Loneliness is linked to severe health problems and depression for many seniors. But communities focused on the needs of elderly adults offer a healthy social life with fitness and music classes, planned outings, card games, and so much more. Also, a communal dining room means no one must eat alone unless they choose to. Your mom will make lots of new friends!

No Dinner Worries
Many older people, especially those living alone, become overwhelmed with the tasks of planning meals, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. This leads to eating fast food or convenience foods with the lack of proper nutrition so crucial to good health. In an assisted living community, there are full-service meal programs with fresh ingredients and quality food. Mom won’t have to worry about what to make for dinner!senior apartments milwaukee wi

An Active and Healthy Brain
Staying mentally active can prevent or slow down cognitive impairment or dementia, for seniors. Assisted living facilities provide a wide array of opportunities for learning that many elderly loved ones would have difficulty accessing by themselves. This includes computer classes, music and art lessons, book clubs, and lectures, among others. The facilities also offer transportation to concerts, plays, presentations, and more. Your mom will feel like she’s back in school!

A Safe Place
Many times, staying in their own home will require a senior citizen to hire in-home healthcare, make home modifications (grab bars, ramps, etc.) or expect a family member to move in. This can all be expensive, cumbersome, and inconvenient. Assisted living communities are specifically designed to provide residents with autonomy and independence but in the safest possible way. Staff is always on hand to keep an eye on the residents. Your mom will always be safe!Assisted Living helping mom

No Home Maintenance
For an elderly loved one on a fixed income, keeping up with home maintenance can be physically challenging, financially draining, and mentally exhausting. However, most assisted living communities have amenities such as housekeeping, laundry, and make all repairs in the apartments and living areas. No more vacuuming or climbing on a step stool for Mom!

If your mother or a loved one is still feeling hesitant or anxious? Encourage them to visit Villa St. Francis as many times as she’d like, to get comfortable. She’ll meet our amazing staff, see the happy residents, and realize this is the right place to be. Contact us today to set up a tour. We’ll show you all the apartment options, the beautiful grounds, and answer all your questions.