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Week 11 – Tuesday Mission Moments

   How do I enter relationships? Do give or to take? Loving God, you have given us family and friends. Be with us as we seek to respect and care for them. May we be giving and loving.Whether at home or at work may we always remember that our call...

Week 11 – Monday Mission Moments

   What can we do today to enhance these relationships? Faithful God, you have gifted us with this beautiful earth. There are times when we overlook its bounty. We mess it up. We are not careful with its resources.Open our eyes so that we see...

Beyond Card Games: Activities at Senior Centers Today

  People have the same basic needs at every stage of life. They want to explore, learn, have fun, and keep broadening their horizon. And when it comes to senior citizens, the same remains true. Senior centers that cater to this demographic have realized this,...

Week 10 – Friday Mission Moments

   Promise yourself that you will reach out to the best of your ability. Loving God, we celebrate your faithfulness and love, and we praise you for the wonders you have worked through us.Your presence here with us gives us strength to be of...

Week 10 – Thursday Mission Moments

   Smile. Tell a joke. Make someone else smile. Wink at someone. Spread joy like a beautiful carpet! Spirit of power, time and again throughout history you have anointed your people and sent them out to mission: to speak your word to the poor, to...

Week 10 – Wednesday Mission Moments

   Get a name and then act on it. God of power, God of life. We thank you for another day of life. Be with us today to renew us, to refresh us so that we can be of service to your holy people.Enlighten us so we may discover ways to follow our...

Week 10 – Tuesday Mission Moments

   Do your part! Creator God, it is you who are the beginning and the end. You are the source of life. Help us to recognize what needs to be done.Give us courage and strength so that we might be people of conviction. May we always recognize that...

Week 10 – Monday Mission Moments

   Think it. Do it! Lord, accept our work on behalf of the poor who are always among us. Help us to keep our eyes open so that we might be able to be of service to those who need us.May your love make us compassionate and kind.In Jesus’ name we...

Week 9 – Friday Mission Moments

   I will choose one strength and share it with someone today. God of us all, we look at ourselves and offer thanks for our strengths. They help us to live full lives.As we look at our weaknesses, we ask for your help and courage that we might be...

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